We serve startup founders from every corner of the globe.

Blackbox is a global nonprofit committed to promoting equality of entrepreneurial opportunity through access to resources, mentorship, and immersive programs in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Through our immersive programs in Silicon Valley and across the globe


founders hone their vision, amplify their ambition, and fortify the foundation of their startup

Exchange valuable insights

with successful entrepreneurs, experienced investors, and subject matter experts

Access resources and knowledge

to fuel global expansion and pave the way for new possibilities

Leverage a worldwide network

of relationships with like-minded founders, mentors, and champions

Emerge as a force multiplier

capable of transforming their startup ecosystems into hubs of innovation

Why does this matter?

Despite the tech-driven democratization of entrepreneurship, millions of entrepreneurs across the globe are still unable to realize their full potential because of institutional, cultural, and social barriers.

The economic impact is enormous—the Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute (GEDI) estimates that improving the conditions that support entrepreneurship by 10 percent could add $22 trillion to the global GDP each year.

Blackbox Connect

Two-week residential program in Silicon Valley

Blackbox Ignite

Three-day in-country program for growing startup communities